THE SMART COMMUNITIES is an alliance's work of professionals and is experts led and member driven. Members collectively determine what priorities they have each year and lead the work to carry them out.

Advisory Committee serves as the governing body, with responsibility to advance the strategic direction of the network. Members are fortunate to be supported by a Executive Office and staff who provide high-level leadership and day-to-day management. Each year, the leaders, members, and staff collaborate on a Strategic Plan to guide the network for the year.

The Alliance Group of Smart Communities (AGSC), deliver professional, smart-technology solution and engineering services to support the development of smart communities. 

We are compassionate and committed to supporting small business initiatives and young entrepreneurs to strengthen their competitive edge, champion and advance productivity by introducing the effective use of smart technology, mentoring and leveraging our individual and collective strengths.

We pool professional expertise, experiences and enthusiasm to address and overcome challenges of entrepreneurship life-cycle; our footprint and management representation is global and diverse; our business encourages both individual and collective accomplishments; our mutual schemes are the building blocks for sustainable economic growth.

We embrace cohesive team work, global markets, dependence and interdependence.

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The goal is to build and strengthen the connections between the innovators and their brand in order to quickly access each other’s knowledge and expertise to achieve better, more effective outcomes at scale.

The connections fostered by THE SMART COMMUNITIES have become increasingly important as neighborhoods both large and small lead the way in developing the next generation of sustainable communities.

THE SMART COMMUNITIES accomplishes its goal by focusing on three core objectives:

  • Offering members peer-to-peer Networking Opportunities
  • Creating solutions that scale through a funded Collaborative Innovation System
  • Expanding access and addressing specific issues through partnership and Global Networks
  • Using Smart Technology to bring about sustainable change to the communities
  • Embedded Leadership and mentorship programs to build responsive and effective working environments.

Our Success is Your Success. We will Inspire You; We will Empower You; And Guide You to Succeed


THE SMART COMMUNITIES Alliance is a collaboration of professionals and experts committed to achieving long-term sustainable communities’ developmental goals. 

The Alliance aims to address what it will take for communities to achieve better lifestyle and improved living standards and how they can work together to meet their respective goals more efficiently and effectively. The Alliance s challenged to identify new smarter ways of working, innovating and living that have the most potential to improve the world, make a world nicer.

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THE SMART COMMUNITIES is a project of the Global Partnership.


Who we are

An alliance of Global Smart Communities

The Vision – the 5Ps

Our Vision guides every aspect of our business by describing how to achieve sustainable growth and quality delivery of our services.

  • Partnership – Work with trusted, reliable and readily available partners and professionals through global connections and healthy business relationships;
  • Perfection – Use creativity, discipline, unity, and competence to pursue perfection, to innovate and to achieve excellence;
  • Productivity – Drive effective economic growth through the promotion of all round prosperity, dependence and interdependence, and use of accountable, sustainable and transparent business etiquette;
  • Planet – Respect the Planet Earth and embrace responsible and business solutions that are environmentally friendly.
  • People – Be the best place to work and develop each other through genuine respect for uniqueness and diversify personalities

What we do

Inspire . Empower . Succeed

The Approach

ICT Network Infrastructure and OperationsOur goal is to empower and inspire communities, entrepreneurs and enterprises through leveraging the effective use of ICT for Development, promoting the transfer of relevant ICT knowledge, use of leadership and managerial best practices as well as application of transformational mentorship and global partnerships.

ICT Network Infrastructure and OperationsOur competitive edge is to use our expertise, connections and diverse experiences, creativity,commitment and passion gain in local and global arena to champion inventions, and effectively add value and constructive transformation to Business process and IT Solutions.


Building Global Bridges of Understanding